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How to Install LED Headlights for Your 4Runner

Replacing the standard headlight bulbs in your 5th gen 4Runner with new LED headlights can provide numerous benefits, including increased brightness, longer life and a unique look. If you're considering replacing your headlight bulbs, though, you'll want to make sure...

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Benefits of Powder Coating Metal Bumpers

One option for the metal bumpers of your vehicle is powder coating. But how can you tell if you really do need powder coating for your metal bumpers? Do you want it? Here’s what you need to know about the...

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The United States’ Most Popular Offroad Competition Events

Do you have a great Toyota 4Runner, Tundra or Tacoma 4x4 that you would love to see test itself against some great offroading competition? There's a number of U.S. offroad events all across the country that can give you the opportunity to do just that....

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Several Offroading Mods for Your Truck or SUV

One of the best things about having an offroad vehicle is modifying it so that it meets your specific needs. A lot of trucks or SUVs are great right off the line, but most could always be a little bit...

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What Is a PreRunner Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma is a Japanese truck that first made its appearance in 1995, originally as a compact pickup. It has been a midsized pickup since 2005. This versatile truck is extremely popular throughout North America, having gained a following in the...

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What Is a Good Ground Clearance for Offroading?

You're ready to start offroading, but you aren't sure if you have the right vehicle for it. Just what constitutes the best offroad ground clearance can vary. Whether you have sufficient ground clearance for offroading will depend on the type...

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