Several Offroading Mods for Your Truck or SUV

One of the best things about having an offroad vehicle is modifying it so that it meets your specific needs. A lot of trucks or SUVs are great right off the line, but most could always be a little bit better. Your offroading needs may change and require different features, or you may just be interested in saving money by adding a few touches as aftermarket modifications rather than paying for them to be included upfront.

Whatever your reasons, adding DIY offroad mods to your 4×4 doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of simple offroading mods that can give you great results. Here are a few quick beginner offroad mods to try:

  • Tow strap: If you have solid tow points sitting on your truck doing nothing, what are you waiting for? With a tow strap in the back, ready to attach at a moment’s notice, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck. You could go in for a winch and an accompanying accessory kit, but a tow strap is often a much more affordable and practical solution.
  • Bumper: A custom bumper looks great, it can help make your truck or SUV more in line with your sense of style, and it provides you with more protection on the road.
  • Lighting: If you ever do any offroading at night, regular forward headlights are not necessarily going to do the trick. There are plenty of low-cost aftermarket lighting options that you can use to add some crucial side or rear lighting to your truck or SUV.
  • Suspension: Love your offroad vehicle but don’t feel like you have enough ground clearance for the type of offroading adventures you’re ready to start getting into? Get a suspension kit that increases your ride height while giving you a smoother ride.
  • Tires: If you do add modified suspension, your vehicle’s center of gravity will be higher, which means staying balanced in rough-terrain conditions could be more of a challenge. Larger, tougher, puncture-proof tires are an easy add-on and can help you beat the toughest offroad situations.
  • Rocker guards: If you’re planning on doing any serious offroading, do yourself a favor and add some good rocker guards. Even if your truck is fully equipped to roll over all kinds of debris and terrain, that doesn’t mean debris can’t kick up and damage the body of your vehicle. Protect yourself from all kinds of incidental offroading damage with some reliable rocker guards.

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