2014+ Toyota 4Runner

14+ Toyota 4Runner Photo Gallery

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The Toyota 4Runner continues to be one of the most popular offroading vehicles, and for good reason. This versatile hauler can morph from your daily-use SUV into an offroad beast with all the potential you need for plenty of adventures. If you’re ready to build out your ride, turn to Southern Style OffRoad. We have the right products to suit your needs.

Browse our 5th generation 4Runner photo gallery to get build ideas. If you see something you like, contact us so that we can tell you the exact parts that are on it.

Toyota 4Runner Build Ideas

If you’re looking to escape civilization as you enjoy an offroading excursion, you need to invest in the right Toyota 4Runner offroad parts and accessories. Aftermarket options can equip your 4Runner so it’s ready for anything, from mudding to rock crawling. Whether you’re embarking on an open trail or discovering unpaved byways, the right equipment will ensure that your 4Runner is ready to go.

At Southern Style OffRoad, we sell high-quality offroading parts, and our in-house installation shop in Baton Rouge, LA, can get you set up and ready. Just schedule your appointment, and we can help you get started turning your 4Runner into a one-of-a-kind beast.

Set Your 4Runner Apart From the Crowd

Your Toyota 4Runner is already well-equipped for offroading in many ways, but if you really want to take it to the next level, remember that a few key improvements can enhance the performance and safety of your offroading experience. It’s all about choosing the right parts and accessories so that your 4Runner is ready for anything you throw at it.

The parts we recommend starting with are the:

  • Front bumpers: Offroad front bumpers will give your truck enough added strength to be used in areas where conditions are less than ideal. Plus, they create a wicked aggressive look. Check out bumper photos in our gallery for examples.
  • Wheels and tires: Offroad wheels are designed to take on rugged terrain as tough as your 4Runner. The right stance will give you the grip you need to go wherever you want to go.
  • Roof racks: From fishing equipment to your camping essentials, a high-quality roof rack properly fitted to your 4Runner will provide a secure and strong platform for hauling gear.
  • Rock sliders: If you’re planning on offroading on rocks or in ruts, rock sliders are a must. They serve as extra protection and will give you an easier step-up when you’re maneuvering around your 4Runner.

At Southern Style OffRoad, we carry a huge variety of other accessories as well, like light bars. These products will increase visibility for all of your nighttime activities — the adventure doesn’t have to stop once the sun has set.

See a 4Runner You Like? No Problem!

Our 4Runner photo gallery is chock full of incredible ideas to build your vehicle out just how you’ve always wanted. If you see something you like, give us a call at (225) 726-7979, and we can tell you what exact parts are on it.

You can also schedule a consultation with a member of our team to talk about the perfect aftermarket options that will get your Toyota 4Runner up and running just in time for your next offroad adventure.