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Few vehicles are as reliable or durable as a Toyota Tacoma. Whether you’re hauling equipment on the job or heading out for a thrilling adventure into the unknown, your Tacoma is the perfect combo of capability and pure ruggedness for whatever comes your way. When you need to get offroad and leave civilization for a bit, your faithful Tacoma will get you there.

Even the most reliable haulers could do with a few upgrades that can make them that much better. If you’re looking to build out your Toyota Tacoma with offroad parts, you can count on Southern Style OffRoad to make it happen.

Browse our Tacoma photo gallery for project ideas for your ride. If you see it here, contact us to find out what exact parts are on it.

Toyota Tacoma Build Ideas

Just because your Toyota Tacoma is made to last doesn’t mean some extra protection for your treks offroad won’t do it some good. Embarking on an open trail or discovering unpaved paths is time well-spent, but they can take a toll on your vehicle. Add some protection and enhance your truck’s ride with our large selection of aftermarket parts at Southern Style OffRoad.

Our offroading products and accessories are of the highest quality. Plus, you can get them installed in-house at our Baton Rouge, LA, installation shop. Schedule your appointment to set your Toyota Tacoma apart from the crowd.

Turn Your Tacoma Into a One-of-a-Kind Beast

Your rough and tumble Toyota Tacoma was made for the open road — and the not-so-open roads you can encounter while offroading. However, with a few thoughtful enhancements, you can improve your truck’s performance, utility and overall safety. As you browse our gallery, you’ll see a few build ideas that can make your Tacoma ready for anything you want to throw at it. The areas we recommend starting with follow:

  • Front bumpers: Protective front bumpers will ensure your Tacoma can traverse anywhere, even in difficult environments off the beaten path. Plus, you’ll love how they create a more rugged look. Check out our gallery to see a few Tacoma bumper examples.
  • Wheels and tires: When offroad trips are a regular thing, it’s important to outfit your Tacoma with quality wheels and tires with ample tread and the right stance to properly grip the ground.
  • Roof racks: If you want to increase your Tacoma’s utility, a quality roof rack for hauling gear is just the thing you need.
  • Rock sliders: While you’re offroading, chances are you’ll encounter your fair share of rocks and ruts, which make rock sliders a must. These parts serve as extra protection and can give you an easier step-up as you maneuver around your Tacoma.

You’ll find a huge variety of other parts and accessories for your Tacoma when you shop at Southern Style OffRoad. For instance, if you’re ever in a situation where you or a friend gets stuck in the mud, a heavy-duty winch is just what you need — and we have you covered.

See a Toyota Tacoma You Like? No Problem!

As you browse our photo gallery, keep in mind that every offroad option you see can be yours when you contact the experts at Southern Style OffRoad. If you see a Tacoma you like, give us a call at (225) 726-7979, and we’ll tell you the exact parts that are on it.