Toyota 4Runner Bumpers

Southern Style OffRoad’s slimline hybrid bumpers are our unique creation of low-profile winch bumpers for 4RunnerTacoma and Tundra.

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Lightweight and stout, this is not your average bumper. Our slimline hybrid is only partial, so you can keep the factory look of your truck. It’s the perfect fit, whether you’re planning a weekend offroad adventure or commuting to work every day. It’s also fully functional in case you’re looking to test it with some competitive offroading. We design our bumpers to be very simple to install, so the average person can handle the job themselves. However, we also offer installation services at a discounted rate if you purchase your bumper from us.

When you are offroading, you need to be confident in the durability of your vehicle and equipment, it is essential to make sure that your accessories and upgrades will be able to take you through any terrain you want. One major upgrade to help with your adventures is a steel bumper. When choosing a bumper, you need to make sure that it has room for a winch, so that you can pull yourself out of any sticky situations, and you need to ensure that it is durable enough to protect your front end from any bushes or rough patches you need to go through. 

At Southern Style Offroad, we have a slimline hybrid bumper for sale that will fit perfectly on your 4Runner! Our slimline hybrid bumpers are the original slim bumpers, handcrafted for your offroading vehicle. These can fit a 4Runner, Tundra, and Tacoma! Everyone that offroads ends up in mud or a rock pile that they need a little extra help getting out of, instead of flooring it, our bumper and winch combination will get you out with ease. You are sure to have peace of mind when you are equipped with our parts and accessories. 

What Models of 4Runner Do Slimline Bumpers Fit?

Our slimline hybrid bumpers fit 5th generation 4Runners, ranging from 2014+, along with the following models.

  • SR5
  • SR5 Premium
  • Venture
  • TRD Off-Road
  • TRD Off-Road Premium
  • TRD Pro

We engineer our bumpers to give you enhanced front end protection, for offroading every weekend or spending more time on the highway. Southern Style OffRoad has an extensive inventory of 4Runner bumpers such as:

  • V2.0 Rear Bumper With TrailGator: Our improved TrailGator bumper delivers endless utility to offroaders and the average driver. With an external universal mounting pattern, it can hold up to 500 lbs with hydraulic lift assist. The single latching system also gives you the freedom to accessorize your 4Runner with a tire carrier, LED lights and other components.
  • ‘14+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper Customized: Purchasing the customizable front bumper means you can modify it with an angled bull bar, access holes or various LED light options for your precise requirements. Although it arrives as bare metal, you can also choose to have it powder coated as matte black. It can accept up to a 10,000 lb. winch.
  • Slimline Hybrid Stage 2 High Clearance Side Protection: The Stage 2 bumper gives you 19” of high clearance at your truck’s front tires. Made of 3/16” steel with gussets to provide protection, it also includes mounting hardware.
  • ‘14+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper With Access Holes and 20″ Heise LED: The lightweight bumper has a Heise light bar with a lifetime warranty throughout every 4Runner adventure. It also has more radiator protection thanks to the angled bull bar and access holes to install a winch. This bumper can accommodate up to a 10,000 lb. winch.
  • ‘14+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper With 20″ Heise LED: Supported with an LED light bar, bolts and brackets, the front bumper is matte black. It has no winch access holes but weighs merely 40 lbs. more than OEM products.
  • ‘14+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper With 30″ Heise LED: The bumper’s 30” Heise LED lights help you see through dark terrain environments. With an angled bull bar for more protection, the bumper is made of 1/8”, 3/16” and 3/8” steel for a durable build. The hybrid solution has no access holes for a winch, but you can still access a winch through the engine bay.
  • ‘14+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper With Access Holes: The 4Runner bumper has access holes for a winch so you can tow yourself out of any situation. With an angled bull bar to protect your radiator and a matte black finish, this bumper can support up tp a 10,000 lb. winch.
  • ’14+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper: The slimline bumper for 2014-2019 4Runner models is lightweight with 3/4″ shackle mounts and no winch access holes.

Our slimline offroading bumpers are designed to enhance the look of your 4Runner while also allowing you to install necessary accessories like tow hooks, light bars, and winches.

What are the benefits of having a 4Runner bumper from Southern Style Offroad?

At Southern Style Offroad, our engineers have developed a fully customizable bumper to fit any application or need, whether you are an avid offroader or you just want to add to your front end for driving in style. Our bumpers are made to order so that you can choose a perfect low profile bumper to fit your 4Runner’s design. 

Most other bumpers cover a large part of the front of your 4Runner, but our slimline hybrid has a sleek, low profile design that shows off the front of your vehicle, while still offering complete functionality. Our slimline hybrid bumpers keep most of the factory look for your 4Runner with a modified factory look that is unique to our brand. If you are looking for a more intense look for your bumper and front end, we offer a Stage 2 add on! 

Our bumpers are a very easy do it yourself install project, but if you would prefer to let our specialists install it for you, we offer a discount on installation services when you buy from us! Our skilled technicians will take off your original bumper and the hardware included with it, and will replace it with your new slimline hybrid bumper, complete with a wiring setup to support lights and a winch. 

Can I use a winch on my 4Runner bumper?

If you have a stock 4Runner with the original bumper, it can be tricky to install a winch, often you will have to cut out part of the bumper and go through multiple steps. Our slimline hybrid bumpers come with the space for a winch install. If you have questions about which winch will fit perfectly on your 4Runner, be sure to contact our professional sales team. 

With our 4Runner bumper, it makes offroading challenging terrain a breeze. Our front recovery point protects your 4Runner, and with a winch installed, you will be able to pull yourself out of any sticky situation. Our bumpers are easily transferred from one 4Runner to another, so that when you get a new vehicle, you can easily bring your trusted equipment with you! 

Why should I buy from Southern Style Offroad? 

We are proud to be Toyota offroading experts here at Southern Style Offroad, we are able to sell durable products that look good on any model, and our slimline hybrid bumpers are engineered to be a custom solution for your vehicle. As a bonus, all of our bumpers and other mounts are made right here in the USA! When you are ready to upgrad your 4Runner, check out our selection of slimline 4Runner bumpers for sale or contact us with any questions!