4Runner Skid Plates

Toyota 4Runner protective skid plates.

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  • Hefty Fabworks ’10-’21 4Runner Full Upgraded Skid Package (Optional Gas Tank Skid) Alumni

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  • BudBuilt OVERLAND PROTECTION – STAGE 2 | 2010-2020 4RUNNER

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  • BudBuilt ROCK ARMOR – STAGE 2 | 2010-2020 4RUNNER

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  • BudBuilt OVERLAND PROTECTION – STAGE 1 | 2010-2020 4RUNNER

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  • BudBuilt ROCK ARMOR – STAGE 1 | 2010-2020 4RUNNER

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  • HEFTY FABWORKS ’10-’21 4Runner Upgraded Radiator/Engine Skid Alumni

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  • Hefty Fab

    HEFTY FABWORKS ’10-’21 4Runner Upgraded Fuel Tank Skid Alumni

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  • Hefty Fabworks ’10-’21 4Runner Upgraded Transmission Skid Alumni

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  • HEFTY FABWORKS ’10-’21 4Runner Upgraded Transfer Case Skid Alumni

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The Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular choices when it comes to offroading and exploring unpaved paths, and this versatile SUV even transitions well to a family vehicle perfect for daily driving. If you love the thrill of coursing through rocky terrain, then sliding over rocks and hitting deep potholes may be a regular occurrence for you. Put some solid underbody protection on your 4Runner with offroad skid plates.

Many of your vehicle’s most expensive components are completely exposed below, which makes offroad hazards a real danger that can lead to costly underbody damage. Skid plates for 4Runner are your ultimate defense to protect your investment and ensure nothing gets in the way of your uncharted adventure.

Whether you’re looking for an engine skid plate or full underbody protection, at Southern Style OffRoad, you’ll find that we offer a variety of skid plates for your 5th Gen 4Runner. We can help you determine which combination is best suited for your vehicle and offroad driving style.

Benefits of Installing Protective Skid Plates for 4Runner

There are lots of options when it comes to protecting your 5th Gen 4Runner. Each skid we carry here at Southern Style OffRoad will protect a different portion of your vehicle against large rocks, brush, thick branches and general abuse. With all skid plates installed, your 4Runner will be well-protected no matter what you encounter when you hit the trail.

Here is your guide to the different types of skid plates available and their benefits:

  • Engine skid plate: This solution is the 4Runner’s first line of defense, and it’s an essential aftermarket option for anyone planning to spend a good amount of time offroad. The engine skid plate takes the brunt of any impact to the undercarriage and prevents damage to vital parts of the 4Runner’s drivetrain, including the engine, oil pan and oil cartridge filter.
  • Transmission skid: Also known as the mid-skid, this skid plate protects the transmission pan as well as the shift linkage. If your 4Runner’s transmission pan becomes damaged while you’re offroad, you’ll run the risk of being immobilized. Worse, it can cause irreversible harm to the transmission itself.
  • Transfer case skid: This rear-most skid plate protects the very exposed exhaust crossover pipe that hangs low behind each 4Runner’s transmission. The transfer case skid keeps rattling to a minimum and offers invaluable protection to prevent objects from colliding with parts in the middle-most portion of the vehicle’s frame.
  • Fuel tank skid: This aftermarket option protects what can arguably be considered the most important part of a 4Runner — its fuel supply.

At Southern Style OffRoad, we also include the option of a full upgrade 4Runner skid package that includes skid plates for an engine, transmission and transfer case, while the fuel tank skid is optional. This package will allow you to receive a discounted rate off of individual pricing and ensure that your 4Runner’s underbody is fully protected from offroad obstacles.

Build out Your 4Runner With Skid Plates and More

If you’re looking to add some protective parts to prepare your 4Runner for travel off the beaten track, come to Southern Style OffRoad for everything you need. Don’t want to install your new skid plates yourself? No problem. We offer in-shop installation right here at our Baton Rouge, LA, location. Contact us online or call us at (225) 726-7979 for more details.