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  • RAD RUBBER Design for LEXUS GX470 & GX460

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  • Roof Rack Black Hardware Package (kit for 8 cross bars)

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    Lexus GX 470 Body Mount Chop Kit

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  • Roof Rack Mounting Hardware Kit

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    Pair of Eye Bolts

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Lexus GX Off Road Parts for Sale

While many people would not immediately have Lexus come to mind as an outdoor and off roading vehicle, the GX470 and GX460 are actually quite good for camping. With plenty of trunk space and the ability to add a tow hitch and hidden winch, you will have no problem hauling your gear or getting out of tight spots. With this being said, some upgrades and accessories will make your available storage much larger and your vehicle more ready for adventures. A helpful first addition is an upgraded shock system, this ensures that your ride will be smoother and much less bumpy. Another helpful storage extension option is a roof rack. Since roof racks are relatively easy to install, this is a quick fix for any lack of storage. For even more protection on your vehicle, rock sliders are perfect for protecting the sides and underside of your vehicle from rough terrain and brush. It is important when you go on any outdoor adventures to be fully prepared and have all of your equipment, and these super easy upgrades help with that!

Get More Info About Lexus GX Offroad Accessories

Before you take your Lexus GX470 or GX460 on your next adventure, contact our customer service team with any questions and to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit for your vehicle! For more information, we have a frequently asked questions page that is loaded with helpful information to assist you in your decision!


FAQs About Lexus Offroad Parts + Accessories

Is the Lexus GX460 Good for Off-Road?

Yes, because the the GX460 actually has a ladder frame that’s truck-based, it’s extremely capable when off-roading.

Is the Lexus GX470 All Wheel Drive?

Yes, this model has all wheel drive all the time, with low-range gearing. This makes it a great vehicle for camping and offroading adventures.

How Much Can the Lexus GX470 Tow?

With a tow package, the Lexus GX470 can tow up to 6,500 lbs.