Lexus Rock Sliders

Protect your truck from nasty damage with a set of our custom-designed heavy-duty rock sliders. Featuring cad-designed and laser-cut legs, step plates, and a rear kick out, these sliders were designed with a go-anywhere attitude in mind. We utilize 3/16″ square tubing as the main support structure, .120 wall tubing for the kick out, and 3/16″ laser cut and machine bent plate for the legs. Designed to be close to the body, but still able to use as a step with upturned dimples for traction. You and your family will appreciate the utility of gaining an entry step into the truck while being tough as nails on the trail.

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Your Lexus SUV offers an incredible driving experience whether it’s used during your daily travel or while you’re embarking on an offroad adventure. If your vehicle does a lot of the latter, it’s essential to outfit your Lexus with everything it needs to keep running and looking great. Rock sliders are a must for every weekend warrior who loves to rough it on rocky terrain. They provide that extra boost of protection that your Lexus GX460 or GX470 needs.

With rock sliders, the name says it all. This protective part will make sure your Lexus can slide over any obstacle you happen to encounter offroad without damaging your vehicle’s vulnerable rocker panel. Whether from boulders, branches, ruts or bumps, each scrape and scratch your rock slider receives will be one less nick to your Lexus. Rock sliders will also give you a step-up for entering and exiting your SUV.

At Southern Style OffRoad, you’ll find the perfect rock slider for your Lexus GX460 or GX470 to get your vehicle ready to travel off the beaten trail.

Find Your Lexus GX460 and GX470 Rock Sliders at Southern Style OffRoad

The main job of the rock slider is to make sure your rocker panel doesn’t receive any damage while you’re trekking offroad. Once your Lexus rock sliders are firmly in place, you’ll feel secure about facing obstacles you come across on the trail. From trees and boulders to close calls with car doors at your local market’s parking lot, your rock sliders will keep your Lexus protected.

When you shop for rock sliders at Southern Style OffRoad, you’ll find custom-fit parts that are just as tough as your offroad Lexus. While your SUV’s factory setup looks great, it’s not going to protect you when you get into the wild of offroad travel. Protective rock sliders for a GX460 or GX470 also create a usable step, so you’ll be able to easily maneuver into and out of your vehicle.

Experience the Southern Style OffRoad Difference

At Southern Style OffRoad, we make sure our customers experience excellence from beginning to end. It starts with only selling the highest quality parts for your Lexus — brands that we can stand behind. Then, we’ll ensure the perfect fit for your GX460 and GX470 by fabricating all parts individually to the exact specifications of your vehicle. When you’re ready to install your rock sliders, you can be sure they’ll be just the right fit.

Installation Assistance for Your Rock Sliders

Whether you want to handle the installation process yourself or would rather leave it to the pros, Southern Style OffRoad is here to help. Our installation guides will give you a breakdown of what you need to do to get your rock sliders perfectly placed and secure. However, if you want to take advantage of our expertise, just book an appointment at our in-house installation shop here in Baton Rouge, LA. Give us a call at (225) 726-7979 for an accurate estimate.

Build out Your Offroad Lexus With Southern Style OffRoad

Once your rock sliders are installed, don’t stop there. At Southern Style OffRoad, we have all the aftermarket options you need to build out your dream offroad SUV. Check out our GX470 gallery for a few project ideas. Whether you’re looking for the best offroad front bumpers or some awesome lighting, anything you see, we can make happen. Contact us to find out how to turn your Lexus into a one-of-a-kind beast.