Lexus Suspension

Aftermarket Suspension for Lexus OffRoading Vehicles

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  • Radflo Height Adjustable Coilover Shock Absorbers – Front (Pair)



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    GX470 air to coil spring conversion kit with Upper Isolators



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  • Radflo +2.0″ Rear Springs



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  • Radflo Shock Absorber – Rear (single unit)



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    GX470 air to coil spring conversion kit



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When you own a Lexus, you get to enjoy the incredible versatility of a comfortable, high-end SUV combined with the power of an offroad beast. These bold vehicles offer great looks and unsurpassed Lexus engineering. If you’re looking to take one of these fantastic rides off the beaten track, the trick is finding just the right parts to unlock their hidden offroad potential. With an upgraded aftermarket suspension, you’ll be able to experience greatly improved performance and a smooth ride even on the roughest terrain.

At Southern Style OffRoad, you’ll find a collection of Lexus offroad aftermarket suspension products designed to take your vehicle to the next level. We have everything you need to maintain your riding experience and upgrade your SUV’s overall performance.

The Benefits of Offroad Suspension for Your Lexus

When your Lexus is riding smooth and comfortable, you might not give a lot of thought to the components making it happen. That is, until you get offroad and into driving environments that are less than ideal. The various springs and shock absorbers that make up your Lexus’ suspension system are put to the test in such circumstances. While your factory parts are reliable for daily driving, they may not be up to snuff if your travel takes you into rough, unpaved backcountry.

When you upgrade your Lexus with aftermarket offroading suspension parts, you’ll thank yourself when the going gets rocky and rough. At Southern Style OffRoad, our selection of suspension parts makes it easy to get the setup you’ve always wanted. We stand behind all of our products and sell only the highest quality gear to ensure your ride is offroad-ready. Plus, with the right suspension parts, you can completely customize your driving style by keeping it mild or taking it wild.

With an upgraded suspension system in your Lexus, you can expect many incredible benefits, such as:

  • A stiffer ride
  • Less strain and stress on your vehicle’s chassis
  • Reduced nose dive and steering wheel shake during braking
  • Less body roll
  • Increased flexibility
  • An enhanced overall look

Book Your Lexus Suspension System Installation

Once you get your new suspension system, you may feel hesitant about handling the installation process on your own. When you buy from Southern Style OffRoad, we can take care of your suspension installation for you. Plus, your service will be discounted if you buy your parts from us.

Book your installation on our appointment page, or give us a call at (225) 726-7979 for an accurate installation estimate.

Build Ideas for Your Offroad Lexus at Southern Style OffRoad

Once your offroad suspension is taken care of, you can turn your attention to some other incredible build ideas. If you want to get your Lexus ready to take on unpaved paths but you’re not sure where to start, check out our Lexus GX470 gallery for inspiration. Anything you see, we’ll be able to make happen to ensure your ride is offroad ready. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your Lexus.