Rock Sliders

Protect your truck from nasty damage with a set of our custom-designed heavy-duty rock sliders.

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Toyota is well known for being a very reliable brand of vehicles, from the trucks like the Tundras, all the way to an SUV like the 4Runners, these cars can do it all. The 4Runner is unique in its ability to go from being a comfortable family SUV to the perfect offroading vehicle on the weekends. If you are an offroading expert, or this is your first time getting ready for adventure, rock sliders are an important investment. 

The purpose of rock sliders is to allow your 4Runner to slide over rocks, ruts, stumps, brush, anything you come across, without damage to the sides and underneath of your vehicle. These rock rails take the beating form the terrain so that your car doesn’t have to! Our selection of 5th gen and 4th gen compatible rock sliders for sale is extensive, and sure to have rock sliders to fit your vehicle. These will give you and your vehicle the comfort and protection you deserve during your adventure, with the added bonus of an aftermarket look and an extra step when entering and exiting your 4Runner. 

Featuring cad-designed and laser-cut legs, step plates, and a rear kick out, these sliders were designed with a go-anywhere attitude in mind. We utilize 3/16″ square tubing as the main support structure, .120 wall tubing for the kick out, and 3/16″ laser cut and machine bent plate for the legs. Designed to be close to the body, but still able to use as a step with upturned dimples for traction. You and your family will appreciate the utility of gaining an entry step into the truck while being tough as nails on the trail.

What to look for in rock sliders for your 4Runner

One of the most vulnerable areas on your 4Runner is the rocker panel, this panel is located along the sides of your vehicle between the wheel wells and just under the doors. This panel can be protected by installing rock sliders. Once you install rock sliders, your rocker panels can endure any tough hits by trees, rocks, or ruts you may come across while offroading. 

At Southern Style Offroad, our custom fit rock rails are much more durable than the factory setup. Our rock sliders are built to withstand any terrain that you wish to explore. Adding these protective rock sliders to your 5th gen or 4th gen is also a cosmetic and functional benefit, adding a rugged look and an extra step while you climb into your vehicle. These rock sliders are perfect for both offroading and daily driving. 

The Southern Style Offroad difference

When you buy from us at Southern Style Offroad, you will be able to see how much we pride ourselves in our products and customer service. Our expert technicians make every order customer for you, and only start on the product once the order has been placed. Each one of our 4th and 5th gen rock sliders is made to the exact specifications of your 4Runner, so that installation is a breeze. 

If you don’t want to install the rock sliders yourself, our shop located in Baton Rouge, LA is ready to take care of it for you! If you are looking for inspiration for how to outfit your 4Runner, be sure to take a look at our 4Runner gallery. When you are ready to have your rock sliders installed, give us a call for a free estimate.