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  • Radflo Height Adjustable Coilover Shock Absorbers – Front (Pair)

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  • Radflo +2.0″ Rear Springs

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  • Radflo Shock Absorber – Front

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  • Radflo Shock Absorber – Rear (single unit)

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While the Toyota 4Runner is one of the more capable off roading vehicles, even when it is stock, there is still plenty of room for improvement and to make your offroading ride much smoother. As an already decent riding vehicle, you can imagine how great it would feel with an upgraded suspension system. The 4Runner does not come stock with a dynamic suspension system, but it is easy enough to find an upgrade. 

The 5th gen and the 4th gen 4Runners are comfortable daily drivers, but they do have a good bit of trouble when it comes to absorbing the shock of going over an offroad obstacle. After you upgrade your suspension, you will be amazed at how smooth and enjoyable your rides off the beaten path can be. 

At Southern Style Offroad, we have an extensive collection of Toyota 4Runner suspension products. No matter if you want to replace your front or rear shocks, or you want to upgrade your whole suspension performance, we have plenty of aftermarket options for you. Each of these products is sure to be a great fit for your 4th or 5th gen 4Runner and is durable enough to bring you riding comfort for a long time to come. 

The benefits of an upgraded suspension for your 4Runner

Offroading is known to be rough on your vehicle, especially the chassis. The 4Runner comes standard with a solid rear axle and independent front suspension; this plus the factory shocks are not great for driving in rough terrain, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Here at Southern Style Offroad, we understand this problem and are prepared to help! When you are getting your vehicle prepared and upgraded for adventures, make sure you remember to upgrade your 4Runner’s suspension for that extra support. 

We have plenty of advanced aftermarket suspension products for your Toyota 4Runner for sale, you can take a look at our online shop to find exactly what you need.  Our Toyota options include whole suspension systems, shock absorbers, rear springs, and more, all of which are compatible with the 4th and 5th gen 4Runners. Installing these parts will make a massive difference in your off roading experience, no matter your level of experience or adventerousness. 

When you upgrade your 4Runner suspension system, you will see tons of changes, such as: 

  • A stiffer ride
  • Reduced strain and stress on the undercarriage
  • Less body roll
  • Less nose dive while braking
  • Reduced steering wheel shake during braking
  • Increased flexibility 
  • An enhanced look
  • Longevity of your axles
  • And much more

Why buy from Southern Style Offroad

When you buy from us at Southern Style Offroad, you can be confident in your purchase. We have been specialists in Toyota accessories for many years and have done lots of work to make sure we are manufacturing quality and durable products. 

Many of our products are easy enough to install, that you can do it from the comfort of your own garage; however, we understand that life gets busy and you may not have time to do it yourself, or would rather have it professionally installed. Luckily, when you buy from us, we offer a discount on installation at our Baton Rouge, LA service shop, and you can schedule ahead of time. Our expert technicians can install your new suspension system with no problem and have you road or offroad ready in no time!

We know that upgrading your 4Runner can be a long process and you may not know what you need to upgrade next, so we have a 4Runner gallery for you to take a look at for some inspiration! Whether you are looking for a slimline bumper, durable rock sliders, or upgrades lights, we have that and more! Contact us today to learn more about turning your 4Runner into an offroading machine!