Dobinsons High Angle CV Boot Kit



These are the new boot style which can be stretched and fitted with a CV boot tool which stretches it over the CV boot so its quicker to install, without disassembling the CV from the half-shaft.

These are designed to give the boot more clearance on the eye, as the boot can rub on shocks on 120/150 Prado and 4Runner, FJ Cruiser and Hilux Revo with shocks using the OEM style eye (40mm bush) and with an extended length over 565mm. Also on the Hilux Vigo on shocks over 570mm long. Normally it will start to hit as you get higher and this is designed to clear it and give a longer life to the CV, as when the boot is destroyed and dirt gets in, it can quickly damage the CV joint.

Kit includes 2 x Outer CV Boots, grease, and necessary new clamps.

Part number: CV59-554K

Available on backorder

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