Radflo Height Adjustable Coilover Shock Absorbers – Front (Pair)



Coil-Over Shock Details

  • Body Threaded SSID alloy steel tube Rod
  • Mirror polished Nitro Steel® Rod Guide CNC machined bronze
  • Teflon® coating Seal Combination Quad-Ring® and lip seal
  • rebuildable Piston Radflo aluminum Freeflo™ racing piston Valving Self-adjusting
  • velocity-sensitive deflective disc
  • consumer or factory tunable Oil Radflo high-temp foam resistant suspension fluid Pressurization Nitrogen gas
  • 200 psi Bearings
  • Teflon® lined spherical steel Body Caps & Eyelets CNC machined 6061 or 7075 aluminum
  • black anodizing Springs Eibach® coil springs available separately
  • Coil-Over Hardware CNC machined aluminum with Nylatron® spring slider
  • Finish Mirror polished
  • clear cadmium plating
  • Service Consumer or factory serviceable


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Radflo coil-over shock absorbers offer individual shock and spring adjustment for even greater suspension control. For those that require even more tuning capability, we offer a line of coil-over shocks to suit the most advanced suspension setups. Start by choosing the ideal spring specifications from our expansive selection of single or multiple-rate coil combinations. Then we will independently set rebound and compression valving to complement your spring selection and vehicle specifications. Once installed, you can adjust ride height, preload and travel to suit your application and performance requirements.

Integrated spring and shock performs better and requires less space

Make fast, easy and extremely precise coil spring adjustments without removing from vehicle. Standardized sizes ensure a broader range of high performance springs are readily available for your application. The compact design fits tight mounting locations where traditional coil springs would never work.

Velocity sensitive valving automatically adjusts to terrain for improved control, handling and comfort

Radflo’s exclusive Freeflo™ racing piston utilizes adaptive damping technology to automatically match shock performance to surface conditions. Multi-stage compression and rebound damping characteristics can be independently customized to suit your vehicle setup and driving preferences.

Completely rebuildable, serviceable and tunable for virtually unlimited service life

Because all shocks wear out eventually, we designed every single component to be easily serviced or replaced. Even the individual valve shims can be changed to fine-tune damping performance. Our highly experienced technicians can perform these services, or you can service the shocks yourself for immediate results. Exceptionally strong piston rod assembly designed for the harshest off-road racing conditions

Available in 5/8″, 7/8″ and 1″ diameters, our Nitro Steel® rod and slippery bronze rod guide provide unyielding performance in the roughest terrain. Multi-direction, triple lip sealing system prevents oil contamination while ensuring excellent gas and oil retention.

Endurance inspired design provides consistent, fade-free performance and unmatched reliability

Radflo shock absorbers are engineered to outlast and outperform the competition. All components are manufactured from the highest quality materials and machined to exacting tolerances. The result is consistent and dependable performance race-after-race.

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