Maximize the protentional of your 2016+ Tacoma Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper by including everything needed to conquer the trails adequately! Our Category 1 package combines the most popular options we see our customers buy with their Slimline Front Bumper but at a discount! Save $250 by just purchasing this package versus adding each product individually to your cart!

Tacoma Category 1 Package Includes The Following:

  • 1x Southern Style Offroad Tacoma Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper with 20″ Heise Cutout, Winch Access Holes and Bull Bar (Powdercoated)
  • 1x Heise 20″ Lightbar
  • 1x Premium Wiring Harness with Premium Light Switch
  • 2x 3/4 Shackles
  • 1x Smittybilt X20 Winch
  • 1x Southern Style Offroad License Plate Bracket
  • 2x Southern Style Offroad Universal Access Hole Covers (Black)

The Tacoma Category 1 Package combines the most popular accessories for our Tacoma Slimline Hybrid Front Bumpers into one cohesive bundle with a $250 discount versus buying each item individually! The Category Packages carry the same lead times as our individual products, please click this link to get an idea of when each product will ship.

More detailed product information is listed below for each product that is included in this bundle!

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Below is the description to every product included in this bundle, along with the specifications and a link to each individual product!


1x) 2016+ Tacoma Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper With 20″ Heise Cutout, Winch Access Holes, and Bull Bar

  • 20″ Heise LED Light Bar Cutout
  • Universal Cutout meaning winch holes in the face for easy access to the winch solenoid.
  • Angled bullbar for radiator protection (TSS Compatible)
  • Powdered Matte Black
  • Weighs only 40 lbs more than OEM components
  • Constructed of 1/8″, 3/16″, and 3/8″ all American steel
  • 10,000 lb capacity winch capable
  • 3/4″ weld through shackle mounts
  • Bolts, nuts, edge trim, and SR5 template are included
  • 100% Made in the USA right here in Baton Rogue, Louisiana

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1x) Heise SL 20″ Light Bar


  • Input Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Wattage: 45W (15-3W OSRAM LEDs)
  • Raw Lumens: 4050
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Beam Pattern: combo/flood (90 degree)—spot (8 degree)


  • Housing Material: powder-coated aluminum
  • Housing Color: black
  • Membrane: Gore™
  • Lens Material: PC
  • Mounting Bracket: die-cast aluminum
  • Mounting: side and bottom
  • Hole Dimensions: brackets turned outward – 22.25"
  • Mounting Bolt Drill – .25"
  • Electronics: integrated-epoxy encapsulated
  • Hardware: stainless 316


  • Operating Temperature: -40degC to +60degC
  • Current Consumption: 2.4 amps at 13.8 volts
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Protections: reverse polarity

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1x) Premium LED Light Wiring Harness

Universal [14 AWG 14 ft 1 Lead] Copper Led Light Wiring Harness On/Off Rocker Switch – LED LIGHT BAR

1 lead 14 AWG 14 ft Heavy Duty Wiring Harness is designed and matched for high output light bars which have substantially higher amperage draw than their smaller counterparts. With the harness, one can power up a heavy-duty HID LED light bar or LED work light with the on/off switch. Composed of 14 gauge wires and a 40 amp relay, the off-road light wiring harness can be used to power up the largest 300 Watt LED off-road light bar and even the largest LED offroad light bar available in the market. This wiring harness for LED off-road lights simplifies the installation process of powering various equipment on all automobiles.

Interchangeable/Compatible with:
The off-road light wiring harness is compatible with all vehicles or boats that use a 10-30v DC power source. The wiring harness for LED off-road lights is the perfect accessory for off-road vehicles, working vehicles, and all automobiles. Basically, any car battery will work on this wire harness. Just connect your lights to your batter and flip the switch.

Work for 5″ – 52″ LED work light bar & all types of LED work light
IP65 waterproof etched Backlit LASER ROCKER on/off SWITCH for easy control
40A power relay
15A In-line safety blade fuse
1 set of power connectors to light fixtures
More than 14ft of wiring from battery to light fixture

Product Content:
1 x 1 lead Wiring Harness
User Manual
Wiring kit with etched backlit LASER ROCKER on/off SWITCH for the two LED light.

1. connect the red+ wire from the fuse to battery +; connect the black wire from the relay to the battery -;
2. connect the wire for the lights bar from the relay; (red/black correspond to the wire of lights bar)
3. turn on/off button of the switch to test the lights bar.

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2x)  3/4″ D-Rings

Designed for high quality towing
Made from strong material
Plated with zinc coating
Corrosion resistant
Ensures easy installation

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1x) Smittybilt X20 Gen2 10,000LB Waterproof Wireless Winch With Synthetic Rope

  • Not Vehicle Specific
  • Waterproofing: IP68 Rating
  • Rated line pull = 10,000lbs. (4,545kgs) Single Line
  • Motor: 6.6hp Series Wound
  • Control: Remote Switch, 12 ft. (3.7m) lead
  • Gear Train: 3-Stage Planetary
  • Gear Ratio: 218:1
  • Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
  • Brake: Automatic Out-Of-Drum
  • Drum Size: Diameter 2.5 inch
  • Cable: 98.5 feet 3/8 inch Diameter
  • Cable type: synthetic rope
  • Fairlead: Hawse
  • Remote control Included
  • Integrated Wireless Remote
  • Recommended Battery: 650CCA Minimum for Winching
  • Battery Leads: 25mm2, 72 inch(1.83m)1
  • Finish: Textured black
  • Weight: 67.0lbs. (30.4Kgs)
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern: = 10.0 inch x 4.5 inch
  • Overall Dimensions: (L x W x H) 22.3 x 5.4 x 9.4

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1x) Southern Style Offroad License Plate Bracket

License Plate Bracket

Looking for a way of running a winch and front license plate?

This is our flip-up designed license plate bracket that still allows you access to your winch line.  Simple bolt-on design that goes between your bumper and fair lead.  Already have your winch installed?  No problem, we designed this bracket with an opening allowing it to be installed without worrying if you will need to remove the winch line hook.

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2x) Southern Style Offroad Universal Access Hole Covers (Black)

These are bumper hole covers that fit into the Universal Access holes in the Southern Style Offroad Slimline Hybrid Bumpers and the Versa Bumpers.

  • They are sold in pairs
  • Color Black
  • 2 Piece construction per side
  • 3D printed, construction is plastic

These will easily be pressed into the Universal Access Holes.  No tools are needed.

These will ONLY work with our SSO Slimline Hybrid Bumper with the Universal Access Holes (aka winch access holes, hand holes, side winch holes) or the SSO Versa Bumper.

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-If you’re looking to add some extra protection with your Southern Style Offroad 2016+ Tacoma Slimline Hybrid Bumper check out our Stage 2 kit found here

-The Category Packages carry the same lead times as our individual products, please click this link to get an idea of when each product will ship. 

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